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Stephen Nachmanovitch is available for lectures, master classes, seminars, workshops, and concerts

To discuss booking an event, contact us:

Programs related to these themes can be individually tailored for your institution

Format can include lectures for large audiences, interactive workshops for smaller groups, concerts, and residencies that combine several events over a period of a few days

Some Videos of talks & interviews

Some snapshots of past workshops:



A few of the possible topics:

For musicians: Master Classes in Improvisation

For musicians, dancers, theater people: Improvising together

Improvising & MIndfulness

The universal language

For artists in any field: Improvisation in Life & Art

Liberating your creativity & vision - The View Finder

Art for Life's Sake - Social Dimensions of Creativity

Mysteries of Music & Math

For spiritual explorers: Creativity & Consciousness

Visionary Art

- Concerts -
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