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Infinite worlds of fascinating and beautiful sound lie hidden between the black-and-white keys of your conventional twelve tone keyboard. The World Music Menu enables you to instantly transform your synthesizer so you can play a wide variety of scales from around the world. With today's explosion of interest in world music, many musicians are discovering the rich contribution that exotic tonalities and microtunings can make to the music of today and tomorrow. Many top-selling synthesizers are capable of microtuning, but until now this capability has not been presented in a way that most musicians can understand and use.

The simple, elegant pop-up interface of the World Music Menu makes all of these musical explorations easy and fun. With the touch of a button, you can immediately transform your entire MIDI keyboard to access the beautiful sonic palettes of pure intonation. You can instantly transpose and modulate your tunings, yielding hundreds of variations. The microtones of Indian ragas, ancient Greek modes, Balinese gamelan scales, Japanese koto scales, and the blue notes of modal jazz are now at your fingertips. You can now use the sonic flavors of other cultures in your own individual way to create the fusions of the future.

Let the World Music Menu become an integral component of your creative process and you will open up vast new worlds of fresh possibilities for the way you hear, compose and play.

The current version of the World Music Menu is available for Windows, and works with synthesizers that support MIDI control of microtuning.

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Instantly tunes your synths to play with over 128 scales, plus all their transpositions and modulations; some 1600 variants.
Lets you start without any special knowledge: just select a scale from the menu and play the white keys.
Modulates and transposes on the fly.
Works with your favorite sequencing or composition software.
Comes with an easy-to-understand manual plus a fun and informative guide to tuning.

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Sound clips of sample scales

Special projects for educational institutions can be arranged

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